domingo, 25 de outubro de 2015

T.Raumschmiere & Anika - "Sleeping Pills & Habbits"

Esta colaboração entre minha loiríssima e malévola irmã, Anika, e o produtor alemão T.Raumschmiere, não me sai da cabeça. A colaboração está no mais recente álbum de T.Raumschmiere, lançado este mês. O vídeo acima é de Skipp, do DAT Politics.

Sleeping Pills & Habbits
Anika (Annika Henderson)

sleeping pills
and habits
breaking all we ever knew
break through

a whole new bottle of sleeping pills
of wonderous expectation

break the seal
let it pop
and drop the bottle whole

quickly drain
the whisky glass
the sealed white blister packet

watch them slide
into the white enamal pall

the glorified sarcophogus
the packed up hobby horse

the home-sized swimming pool

broken casandra
broken balerina
you're masked from view
(masked from view)

sleeping pills
and habbits
breaking all we ever knew
break through

she'd consumed them all
drained the glass
for her last dance

she took her bow
standing tall

pulled the rabbit from the hat
she waited for the call

the time is now
take your bow
the audience is yours
the audience is yours

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