sexta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2008

Perturbação crítica da semana: Julia Kristeva


Lendo esta semana uma das obras mais conhecidas de Julia Kristeva, uma tradução para o inglês de sua La Révolution du langage poétique (1974):

"This signifying practice - a particular type of modern literature - attests to a `crisis´ of social structures and their ideological, coercive, and necrophilic manifestations. To be sure, such crises have occurred at the dawn and decline of every mode of production: the Pindaric obscurity that followed Homeric clarity and community is one of many examples. However, with Lautréamont, Mallarmé, Joyce, and Artaud, to name only a few, this crisis represents a new phenomenon. For the capitalist mode of production produces and marginalizes, but simultaneously exploits for its own regeneration, one of the most spectacular shatterings of discourse. (...) Because of its specific isolation within the discursive totality of our time, this shattering of discourse reveals that linguistic changes constitute changes in the status of the subject - his relation to the body, to others, and to objects..."

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