domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Doodling over food

American burger for lunch,
some Arab poetry as dessert.
He smokes French cigarettes.
Then again comes hunger,
Coffee and Chinese noodles,
reflections on Gnostic Gospels.
Barbarians in jeans & heels
praising Dolci & Gabbana
disturb his mind´s poodle.
He is currently very upset
at a translation of Foucault.
And why do they misquote
Walter Benjamin´s Jetztzeit?
These idiots and their Žižek.
A little talk of Syrian bodies,
some complaints about rent,
he is poor, but he has porn,
who cares, he reads Chekhov.
If you mention the Ukraine,
his analogies become anal,
his historicism, anachronical.
Who would dare question
all his knowledge on Crimea?
Sensing he´s losing his edge,
in his skin he feels the crisis.
He listens to Cry me a river.
Whiskey calms his thoughts.
When lucky, he gets at night
what he loves, coke and cock.
Then to bed he takes his head,
the prized public intellectual.
He hugs a stuffed rabbit doll.
Tomorrow: tacos, sushi, et al.

Rocirda Demencock. Berlin, May 10th, 2014.


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