quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2016

"People Flowed", nova colaboração com Nelson Bell (Crooked Waves)

Escrevi este texto na noite posterior aos ataques em Paris e Beirute. Nelson e eu gravamos os vocais e trabalhamos na música um par de dias depois de Orlando. Nosso amigo Dominic Ryan o masterizou agora, após o ataque  Istambul. Não vamos parar nunca?

Bell Dome - "People Flowed". Written by Nelson Bell & Ricardo Domeneck. Mastered by Dominic Ryan. Berlin, June 2016.

then the blood
and as the blood
the protocol didn't change
people screamed
then people screamed
for more blood
it is always so
blood flows
people scream
then people scream
more blood
i ask myself
isn't there an end
to blood
don't the stocks
of the world
run low
our spleens
can't possibly be
this tireless
i am 38
i have seen my share
of massacres
as a child
i learned the word
with images of beirut
yesterday there were
more images of blood
in beirut
as a child
i learned the word
with strange initials
the initials have changed
not the terror
bombs explode
triggers are pressed
blood flows
people scream
then people scream
more blood
i am 38
is this half-way
like dante begins
his comedy
half-way in life
i look around
it looks like a dark wood
if i live 38 more years
will the initials
change again
are we trying
all possible combinations
i don't know how
tortoises parrots whales
can take it


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