sexta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2013

Domeneck & Nikolaus - "Don´t feed the poet" (2013) + Info sobre as performances na Bélgica.

Colaboração com o músico alemão Markus Nikolaus (Erfurt, 1989), que se apresenta como Cunt Cunt Chanel.

Don´t feed the poet
Ricardo Domeneck

Go on, don´t
Feed the poet
Hunger sharpens
Its senses
Wake it up
Go ahead
And exile it
That´s efficient
For the regime
It will sing
Its lost habitat
More beautifully
Put it in a corner
Or lonely island
And ignore it
It will grow
Angry as a cancer
And call you names
Offensive names
For centuries to come
Don´t feed the poet

Don´t feed the poet

If you invite it to dinner
It wont bring any food
It wont bring any drinks
It will only bring words
And steal your feelings
To weave them in its own
Weeping and howling
It will drink your wine
It will eat your meatballs
And take your words
Stripping and spinning them
In the opposite direction
Don´t feed the poet

Don´t feed the poet

It says unpleasant things
It twists your words
Beyond recongnition
Those you use so clearly
On your daily routine
And then at the groceries
Meat suddenly is not
Just meat
And apple is no
Longer apple
But an entangling tango
With Adam and Eve
In a threesome
With Newton.
Don´t feed the poet

Don´t feed the poet

Why waste cereals
With those so far
From the spotlight
Your philantropic deeds
You generous gestures
Will go unnoticed, unsung
That´s bad publicity
The ungrateful bastards
Might even refuse
Your prizes
And question
Your intentions
Don´t feed the poet

Don´t feed the poet

It drinks too much
While you fast
It oversleeps
While you sell
It daydreams
While you produce goods
Hand can hold
It convinces you to go to bed
To bed
With him and words
It has no talent
For practical life
It wishes to pay
No taxes
It thinks his words will save him
When you finally release
The dogs and the cops
On his tail
Don´t feed the poet

Estamos na Bélgica, onde vamos dividir palco com o Tetine (Eliete Mejorado & Bruno Verner) em apresentações hoje em Antuérpia e amanhã em Bruxelas. Curadoria de Hugo Lorenzetti Neto, da Embaixada do Brasil na Bélgica. Abaixo, minha colaboração com o Tetine, "Mula", que está em seu último álbum : In Loveland With You (Slum Dunk, 2013).


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