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Nova colaboração com Markus Nikolaus - "The Barbarian Invasions"

Domeneck & Nikolaus - "The Barbarian Invasions"

Text & voice: Ricardo Domeneck / Music: Markus Nikolaus

The barbarian invasions

inhabitant of your
hair a structure
of smells and voice
a skin of one´s own
like a membrane
admitting no
osmosis no traffic
open and close
your hands fingers
as your most expensive
travelling equipment
your mouth moisture
the only liquid allowed
past airport security

species genus family
order class phylum
kingdom domain
not in heaven plays
the census of gender
according to method
of reproduction
like a virgin plays
the large machinery
producing milk & other
secretive secretions
both perform
the monthly
waste of fluids
erecting a wall
of china for dinner

as birthright a syntax
to obey & a dictionary
to quote
from all said and done
if a border is the largest
organ of a country
migrate with migraine
nomadic in oblivion
for the manifold
stations of distance

the place you left
ends as the finish
line of the race
for your body
cross an ocean
in search
of the miraculous”
from ex-pariah
to expatriate
in the high culture
& haute couture
of new centripetal masters

watch the orgy of hosts
and guests and say: “far
from me
to interfere with the interior
design of your wholly
homogeneous country”

still the only
travel guide: leave
and lose door
keys and the house
all names and the lovers
attached to the names
a city a river a familiar
arrangement of trees

design build remodel
your cave your castle
a shell a solace bunker
with the skin you shed
with the hair you seed
and grow and reap
from your body
no exile is feasible
pack your bones
and leave home
with the attitude
of the first visigoth
at the gates of rome


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