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the poet says, the poet does

"A word on Academies; poetry has been attacked by an ignorant & frightened bunch of bores who don´t understand how it´s made, & the trouble with these creeps is they wouldn´t know Poetry if it came up and buggered them in broad daylight."

Allen Ginsberg, "Notes for Howl and Other Poems", 1959.


"Cada palavra tem sua história, sua biografia, sua etimologia. Seu uso deflagra uma constelação de sub-significados e sentidos que, em cada idioma particular, tem certo desenho próprio e intransferível. A palavra é, essencialmente, política. Portanto, ética. Daí, talvez, a dificuldade de transformar a literatura, a poesia, em mercadoria."

Paulo Leminski, "Arte in-útil, arte livre?" in Anseios Crípticos, 1986.


"Tradition is an aspect of what anyone is now thinking - not what someone once thought. We make with what we have, and in this way anything is worth looking at. A tradition becomes inept when it blocks the necessary conclusion; it says we have felt nothing, it implies others have felt more."

Robert Creeley, "To Define" in The Collected Essays of Robert Creeley, 1989.


"Poetry is having nothing to say and saying it; we possess nothing."

John Cage, "Introduction to Themes & Variations", 1982.


"I love getting the body into my writing, especially to subvert ideas like `pure thought´."

Rosmarie Waldrop, "Interview-conversation with Joan Retallack"

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