sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2008

Niklas Goldbach on Hilda Magazine

Niklas Goldbach on Hilda Magazine, with 3 video pieces
from his series "Haunt", "Civil Twilight" and "Empire",
followed by an article on his work,
written by Ricardo Domeneck.


Hilda Magazine is edited by Oliver Roberts
and Ricardo Domeneck.

an excerpt from the article "The videos of Niklas Goldbach":

"But Goldbach's expertise develops and blossoms in his poignant attacks against his nightmare of a homogenised world ruled by corporate existence, a world which exiles any sense of a corporeal life. In such works as "My Barrio" (2005) and "Gan Eden" (2006), Niklas Goldbach becomes the allarmist of dystopia, in imagery infused with a sort of Cassandra melancholy of impotence. For his late videos show a world of "Apocalypse Yesterday", and the loneliness that takes place in his carefully created architectural landscapes is that of belated contemplation. A video like "My Barrio" has set the stage for an entire series of probings into abandoned utopias and spawned dystopias which were the result of a Modernism in love with progress. This video is also the first appearance of the lonely character created by the artist, pacing through empty streets of futuristic spaces, which would become the character of recent works such as "Haunt" and "Intruders" (2007)."

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