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Colaboração com Joseph Ashworth

Joe e eu decidimos colaborar em uma peça sonora entre 2007 e 2008, à qual eu doaria texto e voz, enquanto ele se encarregaria da paisagem sonora. Disse a ele que havia preparado um texto que gostaria muito de oralizar, chamado "Eustachian Tube in Staccato", que usava o vocabulário retirado do contexto de trocas entre internos e externos, querendo borrar/embaçar/complicar a dicotomia, usando fragmentos de texto em colagem, retirados de artigos sobre respiração, osmose, leis de imigração dos Estados Unidos ou o câmbio de moedas estrangeiras, assim como da bolsa de valores, tentanto criar um clima de erotismo às avessas, desejo que negocia e implora.

Fiquei muito feliz com o que criamos juntos, sua paisagem sonora feita a partir de samples de sua própria respiração, unida ao meu texto, oralizado-em-faltas-de-ar, que busca funcionar, eu espero, com a urgência que sentíamos naquele momento:

Eustachian Tube in Staccato - Ricardo Domeneck

Eustachian Tube in Staccato

.............for Eugen Braeunig

The right of admission
put into a trance
eulogy of me the eunuch
augmenting the auburn
breadth of hair
which severs our bridge
yes auburn means
so burn me and redeploy
my reduced circumstances
to a brand new reductio
ad absurdum
or ablution at retention
like a deluge deluxe
one long
extended exhale
of force applied
at one point
transmitted to another
in the use
of incompressible
fluids as one master
cylinder can drive more
than one slave
cylinder when desired
if you have read
How a Block & Tackle
Works or How Gears
Work then you know
of trading forces
for distance
so much depends
on clicking the red
arrow to see
the animation
a spool from a spool
of thread:
you want to
use as much
air as you
are able
improper coupling
of asylees refugees aliens
granted conditional entry
victims of a severe
form of trafficking
you ineligible:
lie, sit or stand,
your knees
very slightly or prone
follow your breathing
while trying your best
not to influence it: just
let it
be what
it is
a complete
1 inhale & 1
exhale plus any pause
at the end of the exile
some may
not have paws
resist breathing
even when
discomfort arrives:
do not
do it
so long
that you pass
out time
it in seconds the ribs
flaring outwards
the issue and redemption
of securities barometer
of the economy
I the sole shareholder
of this profitable
enterprise crash
crisis index
solvent solute
across the membrane you
of the House of Turgor
desalinate my hobbies affected
by breathing gasping
breach and heave
labored jerky erratic
and irregular and
tentative and hesitant
! mouthrill of snout
hyperventilating over breathing
easily audible
I sigh you yawn
often often
catch myself
not breathing I
snore suddenly
wake up
not breathing I
am frequently concerned
about my breathing I
am none of the above
exchange of gases
among us
animals the system
supplies flood
to the chest cavity
so may the 3 mewing
inspire & transpire
for me as my misuse
oh Pharynx oh Larynx oh Trachea
wont he the holder
of my voicebox
through glottis & alveoli
lead me rollercoasterly
to my very own
shaken baby syndrome?

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