quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

De um artigo de Noam Chomsky

Magna Carta (1215)

"With the commons no longer protected for co-operative nurturing and use, the rights of the common people were restricted to what could not be privatised, a category that continues to shrink to virtual invisibility. In Bolivia, the attempt to privatise water was, in the end, beaten back by an uprising that brought the indigenous majority to power for the first time in history. The World Bank has just ruled that the mining multinational Pacific Rim can proceed with a case against El Salvador for trying to preserve lands and communities from highly destructive gold mining. Environmental constraints threaten to deprive the company of future profits, a crime that can be punished under the rules of the investor-rights regime mislabeled as "free trade". And this is only a tiny sample of struggles underway over much of the world, some involving extreme violence, as in the Eastern Congo, where millions have been killed in recent years to ensure an ample supply of minerals for mobile phones and other uses, and of course, for ample profits." ---- do artigo abaixo, publicado hoje no Al Jazeera

 "Destroying the commons", by Noam Chomsky, on Al Jazeera 


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